Rannkly’s Striking Features

Last updated on November 24 2022 ~1 min read
Vishnu Sharma

Let’s explore the features to use the software in the best possible way.

Generate reviews: Ask customers to leave reviews via QR code, SMS and email.

QR Code reviews: Request customers to rate your service with a quick Scan.

Website widgets: Reflect reviews collected from review platforms on your website.

Automated response: Send automatic responses when you're busy or on a vacation using the pre-designed templates.

Quick replies: After judging the sentiment of your customers’ reviews, the software can send quick replies.

Social Media: Publish & Schedule engrossing content on your social media platforms.

Reports:   Reports are the representation of the overall performance of your business, which showcase the number of reviews, average review rating, customer sentiments, rating trends, and review star breakdowns.

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