What is Rannkly?

Last updated on June 16 2022 ~1 min read
Shobhit Singh

Rannkly is an Online Reputation and Social Media Management tool that strengthens the online presence of your business. Connect all your social media/review websites to a single dashboard through which you can monitor and respond to customers’ reviews.  Publish & schedule posts on your social media channels, and measure the performance of your campaigns to boost engagement and conversions. 

Working with Rannkly

Rannkly makes a lot of things easier for you. It is a one-stop solution for your Online Reputation and Social Media Management. 

With Rannkly you can 

RESPOND: Monitor & Manage customers’ reviews on various social media/ review platforms.

REQUEST: Collect the right reviews and share them across social platforms.

ENGAGE: Publish and schedule campaigns to connect with your audience. 

IMPROVE: Get Reports of your online business performance and social media campaigns

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