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1. Hotel staff asked me to wait in lobby for 30 min for confirmation of booking from mmt as their system was not updated. 2. Food quality is poor 3. Gym is very poor
Sample Text 2
First of all tbey provided me check in earlier than usual time because i was feeling sick so i am thankful. Everything was great as usual but rooms are getting older now they need to maintain it more. The bathroom fittings and some room fittings specially the carpets need alot of attention. Food was delicious. Breakfast menu is only vegetarian so there can limited varieties hence the menu becomes repetitive if you stay for more than 2 days. Housekeeping service is great. Overall it was a good a veru stay if you can avoid little things here and there.
Sample Text 3
Good place to have dinner with family. Service , food quality taste everything is just upto the mark . Anyone wants to have indian food can go there . Veg and non veg both are of good taste

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