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Laravel And Vuejs Developer
Computer And It
Job description

**Job Title: Laravel Developer**


- Discuss project aims with clients and development teams to understand requirements.
- Design and develop web applications using Laravel.
- Troubleshoot implementation issues and debug builds to ensure optimal performance.
- Collaborate with front-end and back-end developers on project execution.
- Test functionality for both users and the backend to identify and resolve issues.
- Ensure smooth integration of applications and systems.
- Scale projects based on client feedback and performance metrics.
- Record and report on work done using Laravel for documentation purposes.
- Maintain and update web-based applications to meet evolving needs.
- Present work in meetings with clients and management, incorporating feedback for improvement.


- Proven experience working with PHP, performing unit testing, and managing APIs, including REST.
- Solid understanding of application design using Laravel.
- Knowledge of database design and querying using SQL.
- Proficiency in HTML and JavaScript.
- Practical experience with the MVC architecture.
- Portfolio showcasing applications and programs developed.
- Strong problem-solving skills and a critical mindset.
- Excellent communication skills to collaborate effectively with team members and clients.
- Desire and ability to learn and adapt to new technologies.

**Important Skills (Choose One Set):**

**Set 1:**
- Laravel
- Vue JS
- Node MongoDB
- React


**Set 2:**
- Laravel
- Vue JS

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