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Enhancing a business's reputation, customer relationships, and decision-making processes. By leveraging the power of customer feedback and positive reviews, businesses can drive revenue growth and achieve long-term success.

Business analytics dashboard showing customer satisfaction metrics with 60% happy customers, a positive review from Amelia Smith, and a snapshot of new reviews on Facebook and Google, alongside an image of two professionals analyzing data on a laptop.

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Why does online review management matter?
Take steps to retain potential customers and prevent losing them

Customer reviews significantly impact purchase decisions. Mishandling negatives repels potential customers; positive reviews amplify your brand, attract prospects, and improve conversions.

Customer Trust and Confidence

Potential customers often rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Positive reviews act as social proof, instilling confidence in the brand and its products or services.

Handle criticism before it becomes a crisis

Monitoring and managing online reviews allow businesses to address potential crises promptly. Addressing negative reviews professionally can help mitigate the impact on the brand's reputation.

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Making it effortless to gather valuable feedback with more advance functionality
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    Faster and easier for customers to leave reviews in real-time.
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    Contactless experience enhances operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and data-driven decision-making for businesses.
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    Positive reviews will directly publish on platform, it will to improve your reputation.
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    If you get negative review, It will collect on your rannkly’s dashboard, this will help you to prevent more customers and gives you the opportunity to improve.
Customer feedback strategy graphic showing a WhatsApp QR code for reviews, with separate pathways for negative reviews to be addressed privately on a dashboard and positive reviews to be shared publicly on the platform, as indicated by user icons and review notifications.
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Powered by Rannkly
Rannkly's AI capabilities are a powerful tool for responding to reviews
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    Freedom to reply with various options : Smart Replies, Smart Response, or with AI based Automated Response.
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    Identify and prioritize reviews that require attention.
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    Customize your responses to reviews efficiently using AI, generating individualized replies with just a single click.
Customer service interface showing a negative review response with suggested smart replies for efficient communication.
star_rateReview Monitoring
Monitor reviews over 100+ platforms

Monitor numerous top review platforms through a unified dashboard and uphold a flawless reputation across all customer search platforms.

Assorted social media and online platform icons indicating integration with 100+ platforms for comprehensive digital management.
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Powered by Rannkly
Automate engagement with automate replies
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    Faster response times: Automated replies can be sent immediately after a review is posted, even outside of business hours.
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    Increased customer satisfaction: Customers are more likely to be satisfied with a brand that responds to their feedback quickly and efficiently.
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    Reduced workload for customer service teams.
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    Freedom to reply with various options : Template Based, AI-Based.
Dashboard showing response management across multiple platforms with sentiment analysis and AI-generated reply feature, monitored by a manager named Olivia.
widgetsReview Widgets
Build trust with website visitors
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    Increased conversion rates: Studies have shown that displaying customer reviews on your website can increase conversion rates by up to 270%.
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    When potential customers see that you have a lot of positive reviews, they are more likely to view your brand as trustworthy and reliable.
Online review card displaying a high rating of 4.9 stars from a customer named Kathy Leichter, praising the neat and spacious room, modern washroom, and excellent food options at a hotel.
star_rateReview Analysis
Collect and analyse customer reviews to identify trends, patterns, and insights
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    Businesses understand what their customers like and dislike about their products and services.
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    Businesses identify areas where they need to improve their customer service (Pain Points).
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    Boost sales and conversions and Protect against negative reviews.
Business analytics dashboard displaying review analysis with sentiment breakdown for food and service categories, including targeted labels and a bar chart for voice of customer insights.
Read and reply all your business queries from a single inbox
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    Use feedback to enhance products, pinpoint areas for improvement, and gain deeper insights into customer needs.
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    Attract new customers and encourage them to learn more about your business.
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    Increase your brand awareness and attract new customers.
Customer query management interface showing a list of inquiries and responses, filtered by answered status and platform, for efficient online community engagement.
bar_chartCompetitor Analysis
Competitive insights to get ahead
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    Compare external feedback with your own reviews to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement.
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    Customer reviews can also reveal areas where your competitors are not meeting customer needs.
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    Understanding what customers are saying about your competitors.
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    Regular competitor reviews help gauge your progress and measure your standing against rivals over time.
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    Gain insights from competitor feedback to make smarter business decisions.
Business intelligence dashboard displaying a competitor analysis with ratings, reviews performance, and online rating index for multiple hotels and restaurants.
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Our tool's performance is reflected in its high ratings on G2, Google, Trustpilot, and Capterra, where it has received praise from satisfied customers.

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