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ACES is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families impacted with Autism or other special needs.
Last data sync 25 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 1996
Total Employees : 200-500
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
10015 Lakewood Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98499, USA
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Acesaba customer reviews

My son absolutely loves Aces! His two BI’s (B & Erin) work incredibly well with him, and we have seen TREMENDOUS growth in my sons' expressive communication. I love that we have been seeing improvement every single day, and we have only been working with Aces for 6 months. I’m so thankful to the Aces team.
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Erika Wear
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We have been going to Aces for a few years and have seen such amazing and tremendous progress for my kiddo. They pay attention to my concerns and address them immediately and tailor her target goals according to her strengths and weaknesses. Looking back, I would have never imagined my child being be so happy, communicative, and just love socializing and being around people. I highly recommend this company and the care and thought they dedicate to my child. Adriana and team are the best!!!
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Janey Ho
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Behavioral improvements are being made, but the staff are consistently late. They push the late fee if you can’t make the 8 minute window but will have you wait 5, 10, 15 minutes for their staff to show up even when the session has already supposed to start. Also the supervisor at this location has a “holier than thou” vibe that I’m really not a fan of. Wish there were more choices in the area.
User name
Ben Thompson
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Parents: Consider sending children elsewhere. This company does not pay it's technician an appropriate wage. BT's: There are many other companies in this area that pay higher and likely offer more appropriate benefits.
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My daughter is not fully in the program, but I learned more in just sitting in and listening. I have more confidence 🤞🏾that my daughter may/will learn and adapt.
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Jason Henry
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I have been wanting to write this review for quite some time and have finally made time to do so. ACES has been our lifesaver. They provide ABA, Speech...
User name
PandJ B.
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The OT and speech therapy are their vendors at Aces which I have no problem . Aba therapy under Aces I do not recommend they give you false promise and will...
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Kennedy W.
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ACES ( Mission Valley, San Diego, Ca) Just One star only for A FEW staff who know their job and doing great! SOOOOOOO Disapointing Company. If your child...
user name
Amanda P.
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