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Bang Salon & Day Spa

LOCATED just north of sunny AUSTIN, TEXAS!! It all started with a conversation among friends.
Last data sync 07 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 2009
Total Employees : 1-10
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
601 E Whitestone Blvd #214, Cedar Park, TX 78613, USA
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Bang salon & day spa platform ratings

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Bang salon & day spa customer reviews

If anyone is looking to get their hair cut/colored etc, Tommy with Bang Salon & Day Spa in CP is amazing! He was right on target with what my daughter requested.
User name
Erin V
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Tommy has so much dexterity and finesse when it comes to working with hair. His careful attention to detail is so evident with the final results. Every time I've come to him for a Japanese Hair Straightening treatment, im left with an effortless style that lasts. I would 100% recommend this service to anyone who is looking to wake up with perfect hair for a really long time. It has saved me so much time & effort. In addition to that my hair feels so healthy too. See the images attached, from March to September. That is how wonderful this service is! I did not style my hair using heat at all during that time! For context, my natural hair is very curly. The amount of frizz alone with the humidity has been a struggle I was never able to manage -- Until now. I finally understood how women and girls used to wake up and go to school with perfect hair. Book your appointment with Tommy. It is definitely worth it.
User name
Jocelyne M
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I feel like Angel hand touches my hair . My hair was damage , I walk in and I said please do something to my hair . Thank god he take me to right direction! My hair came back to life !!! Look for Bella she’s the bomb! Thank you bang Salon , I will definitely recommend this and check it out guys .you would never get disappointed!!!
User name
Sheryl Watson
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Awesome place so happy with my haircut. Bella gave me tips on how to manage my hair at home. Have been here several times and very friendly staff. Definitely be back.
User name
Sylvia Garcia
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I have been going here for Tommy for quite some time!! I have never ever left this place without feeling like I had hair like Barbie. At first, I just went for trims and haircut/styling, which I loved, and decided to do a partial balayage w/ Tommy. I loved it so much I got it done again! I live in downtown Austin now but I still commute out here to get my hair done.
User name
Miranda I Robertson
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I went to Tommy back in 2021 before I moved to Japan. I had let my hair go a bit between services and I really wanted it cut pretty short. I had been...
User name
Ashley D.
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My favorite salon place nearby and very competitive price for their high-quality services! I made an appointment with Tommy to do a one-time hairstyling on...
User name
Yao Z.
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Got the Japanese Magic Straightening treatment touched up again. My follow up is in December. I'll enjoy perfect hair until then! No frizz, & no heat...
User name
Jocelyne M.
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