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Cricket Centre, D Rd, Wankhede Stadium, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020, India
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Bcci customer reviews

Visited Mumbai Cricket Association office for preparing MCA card. Timings are 11am to 7pm. Place is easy to locate. Near Churchgate station, 5 mints walking distance. After applying online, got a msg to visit personally for original documents verification. Staff is very co-operative & prompt in service. We got the card on the same day with charges of Rs.177/- only. Pls upload proper original documents while applying online to avoid further rejections n inconvenience. N pls visit personally , don't depend on agents who take big amt for preparing MCA cards.
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Samiksha Ghawale
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Such bad pitch chosen for the mens world cup final, should have kept match on a faster pitch that aided indian bowlers and batsmen too without dew factor messing around much for bowlers.Whole world cup we played well,todays loss was heartbreaking. Except for rohit no one played well with the bat today.Shubman,shreyas had no reason to start hitting outright when rohit was already hitting hard and fast on one end. Sad af.
User name
manas mangaonkar
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Team india in world cup 23 lost due to 2 major reasons 1. Uncapable to swing bat in slow and low lying balling. Mostly entire balling done by Australia was of that space. 2. Lack of effort and hard work to stop all ones hit by Australia. Australia stopped many ones. India must improve capacity and must also try slow balling. It is my personal view over the match. 🙏
User name
Ayush Gupta
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A Small Massage for the Governing body of The BCCI Sir, Cricket is the new fever of the new age Youth India, who spent their plenty of time in studies & if possible little time in the Games. Hence Kindly don't promote the Betting Sites/Apps on our Jersey, its our Jersey this represents us on the world map, we can do or die for the Shake of our Country's image. Kindly check the Promoters Background before letting them to put their Advt over our Recognition
User name
Chandan Kumar
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Office of richest sports body in the world.inside wankhede stadium periphery area
User name
Mukesh Zaveri
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