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Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB) is the world's leading cloud software company powering social good.
Last data sync 11 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 1981
Total Employees : 1k-5k
Monthly Visitors : 10m-50m
65 Fairchild St, Charleston, SC 29492, USA
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Blackbaud customer reviews

I recently had an extremely disappointing experience with this SaaS company. While their technology initially seemed promising, especially for a small nonprofit like ours, the reality was far from satisfactory. To begin with, they required an excessive 20 hours of coursework just to use their product. Even after investing this time, we found ourselves having to relearn the platform due to its complex nature, resulting in a significant waste of time. Moreover, their billing practices were troubling. Despite multiple cancellations on our part, we continued to receive unexpected invoices for charges that seemed unjustified. This has been a recurring issue over the last three years, causing considerable frustration. Based on my experience, I strongly advise others to be cautious and consider alternative solutions to avoid the headaches we've endured with this company.
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Zak Ferry
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Dear Fellow Nonprofit Executives, I wanted to share a cautionary note about my recent experience with a particular SaaS company Blackbaud and their product eTapestry. Initially, their technology appeared to be a valuable asset for small nonprofits like ours. However, the experience has been far from what was promised. Firstly, the company demands an extensive time commitment upfront – about 20 hours of coursework – just to get started with their product. This is a significant ask, especially for small organizations with limited resources. But more frustratingly, even after completing these courses, the platform itself is so intricate that you essentially have to start learning all over again. Furthermore, their billing practices have been highly problematic. Despite multiple cancellations on our end, we have been continually invoiced for unclear and seemingly arbitrary charges. This has been a recurring issue over the last three years and has caused not just financial strain but also considerable administrative hassle. Given these experiences, I strongly advise fellow executives in the nonprofit sector to carefully reconsider before engaging with this company. There are other, more user-friendly and transparent options available that may better suit the needs and capacities of small organizations like ours. Warm regards,
User name
Zak Ferry
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It's amazing that this company is still in business with their competitors outperforming them in every single category: Customer Service, usability, new features, mobile-first approach etc. Over-priced and an overall headache of a platform. Stay away... You'll save money and be far more productive with almost any other platform.
User name
Aaron Krolikowski
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Not a great company for small nonprofits. We are a small nonprofit that is based off of one event each year. Our event got canceled because of Covid and our funds are extremely low. When we were finally able to figure out who our account manager was, they were not helpful at all. We asked if we could just put our account on hold or even cancel it because the payments are going to drain us. The told us there was and we could do. So instead of giving money to our mission we are paying our monthly fee to Blackbaud. They also have horrible customer Service.
User name
Jeremy Stanislav
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If anyone is thinking of donating to non-profits through BlackBaud... DON'T. They are incredibly difficult to work with. Before anyone accept donations sent through them, they need to set up an account. There are way too many hoops to jump through. We thought we submitted all the banking information required and they are still not accepting our application. BlackBaud doesn't even have a customer support phone number to call to get assistance. With no exaggeration, we have spent at least 20 hours trying prove that we meet their requirements. We managed to find out the identity of the person who attempted to donate through BlackBaud and he was upset that it took them three months to cut a check. We have wasted too much time trying to get things sorted. We simply refuse to work with them any longer and will reject any donation sent through them.
User name
Tye Dye
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