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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Handpicked, Indian specialty coffee roasted fresh and delivered straight to your door.
Last data sync 10 Jun 2024
Year Founded : 2012
Total Employees : 1-10
Monthly Visitors : 50k-100k
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All time review rating is 4.3
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Blue tokai coffee roasters platform ratings

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Blue tokai coffee roasters customer reviews

DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU'RE A GROUP OF TEENAGERS. The male manager and servers won't hesitate to discriminate against you. They got our order wrong and blamed us for it, forgot to bring our food, forced a group of five to somehow manage with just one table, and on top of it, served the most bland food. The guy got into a fighting match with a seventeen year old and blamed us for ordering something we don't even eat and one of the servers, plainly speaking, was incompetent. He couldn't manage anything and gave a non-veg food scare to a bunch of vegetarians AFTER we completed the meal. I can't believe this happened and I have already told everyone I know not to come back here again.
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This is the worst restaurant I've ever been to The people that work here don't have any respect towards the customer.Customer service is pathetic as they don't allow any place for a cafe like experience.They asked for our table back because they apparently had other guests .
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I went twice to the Aerocity branch to try their coffee and breakfast menu. The coffee I got is okay. I still prefer my VN bac xiu, coconut coffee, and sua chua coffee. However, I love the cookies and the banana cupcake. They were delicious and soft. The baby spinach and arugula salad was one of the best salads I had tasted with the perfect sauce. The cafe was nicely decorated, and the staff were great. Unlike other establishments requiring an Indian phone number, connecting to the internet with just a password was easy. As a tourist without the number, I could surf without any problem.
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Never knew this place existed. What a serene place with lush green lawns, validated parking and a great Blue Tokai outlet. This place is just on the circle in front of the Qutab Minar in Mehrauli and owned by the Delhi Government’s Cottage Industry Department. At Blue Tokai, you can sit indoors or even go to the roof and sit under garden umbrellas. Perfect place to visit with family over the weekend to enjoy that evening cuppa! Truly awesome place. At Blue Tokai, we ordered a cappuccino, iced cappuccino, an oats & raisin cookie, a pesto croisstata and a pistachio & raspberry croissant. Every item was fresh and tasty. The coffees were obviously great! Overall a very nice experience! 👍
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We were 5 friend and it's raining out side and we decided that let's go to Blue Tokai This is the second time I was going there not the same outlet though we went there the ambiance is good the vibe is good we placed our order and food arrived (we ordered) Mushroom Sandwich with cottage cheese chips on side 3 iced mocha 1 affogato Peri peri fries 1 Hot chocolate Mushroom Sandwich was bland and the chips on the side has no seasoning on it it's just plat fried potatoes. Iced mocha was good Affogato was amazing on taste but the portion side was too small for the price. Peri peri fries was really good just I don't know why they served with curd instead of Dips or condiments. The Hot chocolate was really bad like really it looks and tasted like milk with bournvita the consistency was runny like water. We asked the staff and they did changed it or I don't know if they just played some act. But I won't recommend it if they are charging it the quality should be good enough. Being a chef I was disappointed on our decision of going to Blue Tokai. May be it's the out we visited (Qutub minar outlet, New Delhi). Or may be another brand has reached that time when quality of the food doesn't matter anymore.
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