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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited ("CTC") is one of Canada’s most admired and trusted companies.
Last data sync 15 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 1922
Total Employees : over-10k
Monthly Visitors : 100m-500m
2560 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7P 2S8, Canada
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Canadian tire platform ratings

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Canadian tire customer reviews

Awful experience. We were in the market for a toaster and I got a flyer delivered to our door that included a good price on a toaster. We cut the section out and took it to the store to buy a toaster (we live in Amherstview and the store is in Kingston). The cashier had a bad attitude and decided not give us the discounted price. She incorrectly read the flyer coupon and said that it expired last week. When we got home we saw that it was in fact the correct date. When we took the toaster back we were told the opposite that the price was not yet active and is for next week so if we come back NEXT WEEK a third time with the receipt then they would only discount it then. I have worked in retail and I know through point of sale that you can in fact discount stuff no problem if the customer has a legitimate reason for it and especially if it is the price in the flyer. Furthermore, if it were ahead of time you can save your customers the trouble and select a discount ahead of time (again if its legitimate). Abysmal. Just give us the discount you sent to us in the flyer, it makes no difference when it is done if it is a legitimate sale which it was. Beyond frustrating to be treated like a number by these big corporations. This is one of the worst retail experiences I've had, and its sad that the manager could not remedy this when I know how other retail hardware stores operate. This was an easy fix, and that my store expects that it is reasonable for the customer to make 3 separate trips to them to correct a mistake they made is the most disrespected I've ever felt as a customer. Canadian Tire took our business for granted and we couldn't feel any less valued as customers.
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I love the CT on Gardiner's Road here in Kingston. Sure we have 2 others and soon to be one more so I have heard. But the township one is the biggest and usually has the best selection and sales the other two don't it seems. The staff at this location are ok for most part if u can find one, they are usually cordial but kinda short with you it almost like ur really botherimg them. I swear they train them how to make that annoyed exasperated sigh before they address u every time. Where as the staff at other two in this town are great. It's to bad the could all be model after the same principles. But putting that aside it's still the best CT between Carlton Place and T.O. So be sure to pop in I'm sure u will find something you need or want here. And leave smiling like a cashmere cats
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Tracy-Angeliegh Lloyd
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If you enjoy being lied to and ripped off, the Auto Centre at 2560 Princess in Kingston is the place for You. Went in for a Safety Inspection and in addition to the $145 for the inspection they charged me $134.46 to change a single brake light bulb. They said the mechanic Brian Barker estimated it would take about an hour as the “whole assembly” had to be removed. I believed them, then I watched Brian Barker and it literally took him about one minute. He reached in and unscrewed the receptacle that was right there and changed the bulb. It was magical to watch, kind of like a ballet. They screw you over for the bulb too. The Honda Civic is a top five seller in Canada and you would think Canadian Tire would stock brake bulbs which probably fail most often, but no, you are charged for a package of two to get one changed. Appointments also mean nothing at this location. They tell you to show up 15 minutes before your appointment time, but that’s just to fool you into thinking they honour appointments. My car was taken in two and a half hours after I arrived. Stay away from the service advisor with the brush hair cut, and ask not to have Brian Barker work on your car. Better yet, find an honest mechanic shop. I always wondered why Canadian Tire Auto Service has such a bad reputation, now I’ll be one of those passing on the message.
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(no stars at all). I booked an oil change and was told to arrive a week later at 2pm. I arrived a week later and a few minutes before 2pm as requested. I asked how long it would take. I was told "about 40 minutes". I checked the garage and saw no mechanics on site. I then walked around the store. It was very busy. About 45 minutes later I returned to the garage to find my car still in the waiting parking lot where I left it. There was still no mechanics on site. I waited about 20 minutes, still nothing happened. I felt like an idiot. why was I just standing around waiting when nothing was happening? Why did they book an oil change time for me when there were no mechanics? why was I told 40 minutes, when nothing happened for over an hour? I thought, "what am I doing following directions from Canadian Tire employees who really don't have any interest in customer care?" I asked for my car keys back, saying "I am just going to leave, I can't wait or be treated like this." The employees returned my keys and asked if I would like to cancel? Cancel? Cancel what? Cancel me waiting around being treated like an idiot? My experience at Canadian Tire was absurd. I will never use their service again. I recommend you do not as well.
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Do not recommend at all. We got two new tires put on and two days later had a severe wobble when on the highway turning left on a ramp. Took it back to have them look at it, they said everything was fine. One week later tire is completely flat and coming off rim. Take it back, pay for a new tire, tell them if there's a problem with the rim to replace it. They say nothing wrong with rim. Two days later tire is flat again. We've missed a cardiac test appointment, had loss of earnings, and experienced serious stress having to put the spare on in a parking lot in bad weather. Rob was rude and condescending and made it sound like it was our fault both times, kept asking had we hit anything with the tire and told his manager we had blown out the first tire. Turns out the new style weights they used to balance the tires had broken the seal against the rim. A sincere apology for our inconvenience and a promise to make it right would have gone a long way but Rob's attitude made it a very unpleasant experience trying to get this fixed. He needs some serious customer relationship training in how to deal with people who are justifiably upset. Will never go back and definitely not recommend people go here for tires.
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Jennifer Baird-Norman
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The string of bad reviews for this Canadian Tire a decade long has not taught or inform Canadian Tire how to improve their business whatsoever. Upon...
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Sun G.
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Terrible experience at the automative department with my rear brake replacement. After replacing the brake pads, calipers, and rotors, my rotors started...
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Arsham Y.
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One of the older looking locations in the Coquitlam area. Parking is plentiful in the nice large lot in front of the building. The location isn't the...
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Edward L.
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