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Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters Hair Salon is a Writing and Editing company located in 2021 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.
Last data sync 07 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 2010
Total Employees : 1-10
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
209 W Seven Hills Rd, Port Washington, WI 53074, USA
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Cost cutters customer reviews

Thank you Tyler. I will admit this man has the softest cut I've ever experienced. The dude works smooth. I've never had my head feel so comfortable during a haircut. I couldn't explain the experience. I will definitely have to consider going hear to get my haircut More often. I Highly Recommend this man to Anyone that's doesn't want to get nipped to Go Here IMMEDIATELY!
User name
Ruben R
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I went in at 1:25 pm for my 1:40 pm haircut appointment. I really liked Tyler, but there were 2 other ladies cutting hair today. I was not acknowledged when I came in, and there was another customer waiting ahead of me. I waited, then after both of our appt times passed without service, and still know one acknowledged me, I left.
User name
Kathleen Schilz
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The location is a good, clean facility. So far, the stylists we used have been friendly and seem to be able to understand what we are looking for in a finished style. Julie, Tammy, Abbie and today Becky.
User name
Jenny Bertelsen
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I requested a 1" trim of the length of my hair. I did NOT request an undercut and at no time did the word undercut ever even cross my lips. SURPRISE. Tyler completed the TRIM with an undercut he decided to do ALL by himself. (no suggestion/no discussion) Now, rather than laying straight (the way I WANTED it to) my too short 'trim' automatically flips up at the ends, which is truly the exact OPPOSITE of what I requested or wanted done. Two thumbs down. I would not recomend Tyler unless you're willing to receive the exact OPPOSITE of what you went there for.
User name
Jane Roberts
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Most horrible job I have literally ever seen. Had my kids get a small hair cut. One of my kids was left with a Bald spot on the side of her head. Granted, it was a last-minute decision to get their haircut, but if they were busy, they shouldn’t of booked us. Now my poor kid is left with a Bald spot on the side of her freaking head for the first day of school. Thanks cost cutters!!
User name
Annabell Klinter
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