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Flippers Pizzeria

Founded in 1987, Flippers Pizzeria Headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida along with our Bakery and Distribution Center.
Last data sync 01 Jun 2024
Year Founded : 1987
Total Employees : 10-50
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
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All time review rating is 4.2
Based on total of 1246 reviews
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Flippers pizzeria platform ratings

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Flippers pizzeria customer reviews

We completely recommend this little spot!! Great customer service from the moment we entered. Ally was a big part of our great experience. She shared her...
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Cynthia S.
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I mean... it wasn't terrible... but I also wouldn't come here again. Let me first start off with the service: My coworkers and I came here for the first...
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Melina S.
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The food was very small for the high price. The sandwich is really just a pizza flipped over. There is not enough meat or cheese on it either. The Sandwhich...
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Carla F.
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Fantastic pizzas, fresh ingredients prepared to order. The bread sticks are irresistible and my son loved the BBQ chicken wings. Both kids loved the lemonade and free top ups. Excellent service from Margarita. Went back a few days later as it was so good. Some of the best pizza I've had outside of Italy. This branch is located on the same site as Target and non descript from the outside. But don't let that put you off. Parking right outside is easy and the interior decor is well done. They don't serve coffee which surprised me but given the tasty food and great service I was happy to forgive them that. Highly recommended and good value.
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My family and I stopped by here for dinner over the weekend while staying in Kissimmee after hearing lots of good things about it on TripAdvisor. We ordered a large Cheese pizza and a large Deluxe pizza, the cheese pizza was delivered quickly but the Deluxe took forever to come out almost as it was forgotten about. Both pizzas were EXCELLENT though, from the fresh all natural ingredients that really enhanced the flavor, to the nice fluffy crust. Another thing I liked was neither pizza was very greasy either and the prices for both were pretty reasonable. Our server didn’t come over to check on us nearly enough to help resolve the issue regarding the delay and that is the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars. But, other than that I would highly recommend this place to anyone craving authentic brick oven pizza in the Kissimmee or Orlando area
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We ordered take out after leaving Disney World. The order was correct and ready at the time promised. We ordered the meat pizza regular crust and the bread bites. The bread bites had a good flavor. The pizza was okay, didn't have a lot of toppings for the price. Similar to the amount of topping we had on a frozen pizza earlier in the week. They had a special we were not aware until we arrived at the location. At the special price we might have had a different opinion. Overall we didn't feel the taste was worth the cost.
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Can after a day at Disney. Thomas served us and he couldn’t have been nicer. He promised us an amazing fresh pizza and he didn’t let us down. The pizza was outstanding. A shame we only discover this place on our last night in the area. If we were here longer we would definitely be returning.
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Wow! Great pizza. Service was VERY good. Everyone was so nice. Especially Vanessa!! Would highly recommend. One of the best pizzas ever. Loved the crust.
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