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Hilton Grand Vacations

Hilton Hawaiian Village is Waikiki's only beachfront resort and sits on 22 lush tropical acres.
Last data sync 02 May 2024
Year Founded : 1961
Total Employees : 10-50
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
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Hilton grand vacations platform ratings

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Hilton grand vacations customer reviews

Okay so my first review was based on me getting lost walking through a golf course late at night and almost falling into a pond and getting stuck in a sand...
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Jeff N.
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Avoid this deceptive scam! They promise you a lavish vacation at a fraction of the cost so they can offer a timeshare in one of their properties. The only...
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Stefano B.
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As a hotel, OK but realize no housekeeping unless you stay at least 5 days and then that's 1 free cleaning. As I stayed one night, non issue for me. Room...
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Ed S.
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I paid for a Hilton Grand Vacation at this site in May of 2023. All sounded great until I attempted to book the vacation. The "deal" was contingent upon attending a 2 hour presentation. I expressly asked the representative upon purchase if one parent could attend the presentation while my 2 and 4 year old children were attended by the other parent. He told me that this would not be a problem. Upon booking the representative explained that both adults are required to attend the presentation; meaning we drag a 2 and 4 year old into the meeting. I explained that I expressly asked this question at the time of purchase and I was told only one parent needed to be present. They refuted. Since all calls are recorded I asked them to review the call because I want my money back. Long story short, I got my money back on the premise that they misrepresented (lied) to me at time of purchase. I was at peace. Fast forward to today (August 2023) I have recieved 8-10 phone calls a week from Hilton Grand Vacations soliciting business. I started by simply blocking their calls, but the call back on a number just one digit off from the calls I blocked. I work on a remote crisis line and must answer phone calls as they are routed to my phone. So today I took the call just as my shift ended and asked to be taken off their call list. Daneeka, Not sure of spelling said she would take me off her list but it was only one department and I might receive calls from different departments. I asked to speak with someone else, and she said she didn't know who to direct my call. I asked to speak with her superior, and she said that would not be possible and attempts to resell me?!!!! At this point I go into a broken record technique and simply repeat that I would like to speak to someone who can help me every time she gives me an excuse as to why she can't transfer my call. She then tells me that she is putting me on hold until I can speak reasonably. At this point I am livid, and for full disclosure I did hold simply to tell her that she was being petty and childish while wasting everyone's time. In the end she did transfer me to someone in marketing who removed my name from their call list. In summation, based on my experience, this company will do anything to avoid accountability, they will move the goal posts for paying customers who receive discounted rates for their stay. Avoid and block.
User name
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We didn’t go. Prior to Covid, I purchased 3 nights in D.C. for a few hundred bucks. Obviously I was planning to pay regular for a few more nights. Then Covid hit. After it was seeming safe to travel, I contacted them. They would not honor the deal. Luckily, they only screwed me for a few hundred. The idiot I spoke to tried to sell me a timeshare instead! Can you believe it! She must have thought I was stupid enough to buy a timeshare because I as stupid enough to get sucked into one of their “vacation” deals. STAY AWAY!
User name
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I was approached with option of prepaying for a vacation package at an amazing discount and 50,000 points. I finally booked my prepaid vacation and when I get there everything was half of what I was told. From the beginning all the way to the booking I was told accommodations would be for two couples and then I get to the room there is 1 bed and not even a couch and then I’m told that I would have to pay for an upgrade to accommodate two .
User name
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We sat through a HGV presentation and decided not to purchase. Once our sales rep left another guy came and sold us on their VIP experience... He told us we would be able to use it in Sint Maarten and would not have to sit through another presentation and that it would be like we had already purchased the timeshare. (This was appealing since we would use it for our honeymoon) We went to book and we were told that we could not use it in Sint Maarten. After my fiance and I discussed we decided we would change our destination and go to Hawaii instead. We went to book, and then the lady taking our reservation told us what day we would have the presentation. I immediately told her that we purchased it because we wouldn't have to do another presentation. She then told us in our contract we signed off that we agreed to that. Luckily, I still had our contract. There was a line through the "stipulations" saying that we would NOT have to do that again. She informed us the one she has had our initials! I asked her to send that contract to me. Someone had FORGED our initials!! She immediately got her manager on the phone; he told us he would void the contract and give us a full refund! 6 weeks later we have received a PARTIAL refund! I went to call them and ask about the balance and the number on the email (confirming the cancelation and would receive the full refund) and it is not a valid number! I cannot believe a brand like Hilton can get away with actions like this! STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!!
User name
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When I booked the Hilton Grand Vacations offer I was told that there would be no problem booking a date. When I called today, March 21st, I was told nothing was available until August. I already have other plans for the month of August. I was finally able to get a date for September. Waiting for 5 months is outrageous since I was told originally "there's no problem booking a date."
User name
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