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Kodiak Cakes

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Last data sync 08 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 1995
Total Employees : 10-50
Monthly Visitors : 1m-10m
8163 Gorgoza Pines Rd, Park City, UT 84098, USA
Social Links:twitter Logoyoutube Logofacebook Logolinkedin Logoinstagram Logopinterest Logo
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Kodiak cakes platform ratings

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Kodiak cakes customer reviews

"Kodiak Cakes" makes excellent products. As the name suggests, it is a stalwart American product. Kodiak could be a moniker for strong and full- bodied 'cause after eating "Kodiak Cakes" ' Kodiak waffles and pancakes, you are ready to take on the day, or sleep through a cold Winter's night. I have been a devoted user of the "Kodiak Cakes" for atleast 2 decades now; and exclusively purchase their waffle and pancake mixes. Although, I have tried their: muffin mixes; oatmeal; and frozen waffles and pancakes-- equally good quality. Photos of "Kodiak Cakes products and some results of using 'em (I adopt the mixes as well).
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William Zondersen
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They have not made a single product we did not enjoy. I love the extra protein. Makes me feel less guilty eating a typically carb heavy food (pancakes/waffles). We probably love their frozen waffles the most, partially because of the convenience factor, but I love baking with their pancake mixes. I make coffee cakes, muffins, scones, and donut holes with them all the time. And I'm always experimenting. I can find this brand everywhere too, which I love. I buy Kodiak Cakes mostly from Vons, but I've also purchased the Power Cakes boxes from 🎯. Pic is from my IG page (addisonsvox)!
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Excellent quality double dark chocolate power cups—best way to start any morning with that ooey gooey feeling
User name
Mona Jalal
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I have pretty much replaced my flour needs with this brand. Whole grains, protein packed, great flavor, with simple and wholesome recipes on every box and on the website as well. My kids love everything I’ve tried, which is the truest test of any product in my home. Highly suggest you buy whatever they offer, so good!
User name
Robin Dern
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Thanks for pancakes at the Cougar Run, but the past 2 years we have had black burnt pancakes that are raw and goey inside. The grill is always too hot so they burn on the outside.
User name
Mary Ann Nielsen
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