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Liberty Mountain Resort

Liberty Mountain Resort, a privately owned company, is located in Carroll Valley, PA, 90 minutes north of Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD and 10 miles from historic Gettysburg National Park.
Last data sync 23 Feb 2024
Total Employees : 50-200
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
78 Country Club Trail, Fairfield, PA 17320, USA
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Liberty mountain resort platform ratings

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Liberty mountain resort customer reviews

This is for the ski area, not the hotel. Went there Sunday 2/11/24. I didn’t have great expectation but was very pleasantly surprised! Very few people (it was Superbowl day and it was raining in DC) so basically no lines at the lifts and restaurants. There is little snow and rather wet but enough to practice a little and for the kids to learn. Staff very nice and attentive since the arrival. We bought the tickets online and were given the passes and were on the trail within 10 minutes from leaving the car. Of course there are better (and farther!) places around, but for a few hours of skiing, it’s hard to beat just about 1 hour of driving!
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Renato N.
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First time skiing at Liberty! Awesome time! Weather was in the low 40s and conditions were great. 3rd time skier but we met Ski patrol Tony and he taught me some great tips that were super helpful and safe of course. We lost him at some point but we wanted to thank him for being so helpful. He’s awesome!!
User name
Niki Chao
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The only reason I’m even giving a 2 star review is because last year went well but not this past Friday… My husband and I went skiing with family who are beginner skiers. Last time I checked when someone falls getting off the lift, the lift operator should stop it. My niece fell getting off and I was trying to get to her to move her out of the way quicker. The chair behind her was full with the other 4 in our group. Had my sister-in-law gotten off she would have ran right into my niece. Their bar was up but with 4 of them it was tight to get everyone off to the right and my sister in law was already in position to get down. The operator did not stop the lift and as it continued to go up and the weight imbalance on the chair it shook and she almost fell from up high before quickly pulling down the bar. This was on a green trail with two stops. The same operator was there on one of our following runs and a snowboarder fell off.. he never stopped the lift and it looked like complete chaos with people trying to figure out how to get off without injuring themselves or the kid on the ground. I feel like this is a no brainer that a majority of the skiers/snowboarders on a green trail are most likely inexperienced. The operator looked like he was in his own little world, saw what was happening and did absolutely nothing.
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Kathy Howe
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It’s one of the most beautiful places to go to ski and have some time with the family! The staff were very attentive from start to finish, my nephews went for the first time and ended up delighted! The resort have a nice restaurant with an amazing view, the food is delicious in all the restaurants they have, we will definitely come back next winter!
User name
Stefania Gomez
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Liberty mountain is an excellent place to go skiing and snowboarding. I've been here several times for ski trips with big groups and it never feels very crowded even on busy days. Dipsy Doodle is the best run - it's so long and such an easy slope, you can get going pretty fast but it doesn't feel scary. The food here is also good for ski lodge food!
User name
Emily O.
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Perfect for the beginner family or easy going veteran skier. Rates are reasonable, food is ok, but great getaway.
User name
Joseph D.
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This place is incredible! LMR provided a picturesque backdrop for a conference. We made use of just about every meeting space and their staff was so...
User name
Brian G.
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Grew up going here so it brings back memories for me. It has really changed since I was young, but in a good way. Some of the enhancements are a court yard...
user name
Loren D.
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