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Local Ocean Seafoods

Local Ocean Seafoods Inc is a Restaurants company located in 3843 S Coast Hwy, South Beach, OR, United States.
Last data sync 17 Feb 2024
Total Employees : 1-10
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
213 SE Bay Blvd., Newport, OR 97365, USA
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Local ocean seafoods platform ratings

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Local ocean seafoods customer reviews

Stopped in for a birthday dinner. We got the fish and chips with halibut and the crab po boy. I think I liked the sandwich even more than the fish! The crab was delicious and the roll was so soft. Good tartar sauce, too. We were surprised by the 20% automatically added gratuity for dining in. So be aware of that if that’s a turn off.
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Mae D
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Great atmosphere, sitting at the window with a sunset over the harbor. Friendly, attentive service. Food was a mixed bag. Oyster shooter: oyster was great, fresh and plumb. Cocktail sauce too thick, wouldn't come out of the glass. Crab chowder just luke warm, bland. The smoked salmon in the smoked salmon salad way too salty. Tuna dish was great. Fish stew was the highlight of the evening, great flavor and loaded with fish and shellfish.
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Ralph Knauth
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Scott was amazing. The food and drinks were great. The setting was great. They brought out the fire pits and too the umbrellas when it became shady. The food was great, we ordered the salmon and I got the halibut (or a white fish, it's been a while). I decided to finally make a review because Scott's personality and service should not go unnoticed. He was the best server I've ever met. He was personable, went into detail, and was always attentive. The restaurant is lucky to have him!!!
User name
Justine V
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Took a Sunday afternoon to enjoy lunch with the Chef's Tasting Menu, and it was fantastic. Creative, elegantly plated, cohesive flavors and excellent tastes! Highly recommend any tuna dish from here, cooked to perfection! The seafood pasta was packed jam with scallops, shrimp, and dungeness crab with a variety of vegetables. Highly recommend!!! I am excited to return and try more of the menu!
User name
Councilor Hyatt Lytle
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The tasting menu was fun! Everything came out super fast, and the servers were friendly and on top of everything. I probably personally wouldn’t choose to include two similar dishes on a tasting menu (ie. two salads), but nonetheless they were delicious. Everything was! Having a soup as the “main” part of the menu, again, wouldn’t have been my first choice.. but we wanted to give it a shot. It was pretty good, but not the star of the show. We really appreciated the use of local ingredients such as the chanterelles and rockfish too. I sometimes worry with some tasting menus that I won’t leave full, but I definitely did with this one. One thing to note is that 20% gratuity is included at the end of your meal. Have no problem with this as the food and service was great, but I personally missed the head’s up on this somehow, so I just want to give people notice. Response to owner: I would consider maybe adding the notice to the smaller chef’s tasting menu itself too (unless it was on there and I was just too excited about the meal to notice). :)
User name
Veronika S
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