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Manhattan Auto Care

Manhattan Auto Care Inc.
Last data sync 12 Feb 2024
Total Employees : 1-10
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
275 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002, USA
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Manhattan auto care platform ratings

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Manhattan auto care customer reviews

This place is the best. Your car will love you if you have it serviced or repaired here. Lt. Richard and team are smart, efficient, and easy to work with. We’re glad we found Manhattan Auto Care.
User name
Greg Aiello
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Excellent body shop, the owner Richard and team do great work. This is the second time they have repaired dents in my car, each time it looked like it was new. Painting was flawless. Richard provides provides on the spot, accurate and clear estimates - no surprises after the fact. The returned the car washed and cleaner than it was when it went in. Highly recommended.
User name
Chris Lynch
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Excellent service again‼️. Top tier customer service from the front desk. Mr. Richard and his team have done excellent work on my car he is very patient and explains the process. I feel comfortable and I know the work will be the best. I added photos below you can see the great work repairs done in car.
User name
Courtney M
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My insurance company made an appointment at this auto shop for an inspection of my vehicle, which was involved in a hit-and-run. When I entered the shop and said I had a 130pm the guy behind the counter looked at the clock and thenl looked at me like I was an idiot. He very rudely just told me to talk to his assistant. Then he started pointing outside asking if that was my vehicle. I said no and that my vehicle was in his garage. He then got visibly angry and told me he was looking at a mirror in the garage. How was I supposed to know he was looking in a mirror? He then started acting like he was an Army drill instructor and was bossing me around about how I needed to pull my vehicle outside. I kindly obliged despite his incredible rudeness. He came outside and started taking pictures. I asked if he would be able to physically inspect the vehicle and he said no. A physical inspection was necessary because of how the accident occurred. He told me he would not do that, so I told him I was leaving. He then left this cute little message on my claim with the insurer: THE CUSTOMER WAS BELLIGERENT HE WANTED TO START A FIGHT AN ALTERCATION WHEN HE CAME IN ,HE WAS USING FOUL LANGUAGE AND BEING OUT RIGHT INDIGNANT HE TRIED TO HIT ME WITH HIS TRUCK WHEN HE DROVE OFF HE DID NOT ALLOW US TO FINISH HIS INSPECTION First off, stop being a child, sir, and learn how to use lower case letters and punctuation. Second, all of this is a lie. I wanted to start a fight? What an idiot. I never made any threatening language or actions, and I certainly didn't try to hit him with my vehicle. Third, you weren't doing the inspection my insurer hired you to do, so why would I let you finish it? It's pretty clear to me this guy is just full of anger and looking to take it out on someone. He was rude from the moment I entered his office and made zero attempts to actually be cordial or helpful.
User name
Joshua Rapp
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Finding a good mechanic is like finding a good man, once you get them, you better lock on. Unfortunately I can't put a ring on Manhattan Auto Care but I can be a loyal customer (Which I intend to do). The service for my car was great but the customer service from Richard and his team were beyond words. My car was involved in a hit and run which caused a busted tail light, that was covered by my insurance. Not only did my car look as good as new, their mechanic caught other issues and quoted me a great price to fix! Everytime I look at my bank account and see how much money I saved I can't help but drop it like it's hot, and because I saved so much I can afford a chiropractor so I can pick it back up. After one visit I am hooked and I know I have found my new car repair shop for life. Thank you Manhattan Auto Care!
User name
Allison Robinson
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While visiting nyc my car was in need of major repair. By researching yelp reviews I decided to come here. I called the late afternoon on Christmas...
User name
Philip L.
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I am a gold member of yelp. I truly believe in giving both honest & accurate reviews. Yesterday I received a $65 ticket for an expired inspection. This...
User name
Izzy N.
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Got a NYS inspection here as a walk in. They were busy but saw me very quickly and my car passed without issues. Great service. Thanks.
User name
Carly R.
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