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Nityo Infotech

Nityo Infotech is an information technology consulting company with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA and has a global presence spanning across USA, EMEA, APAC and India.
Last data sync 04 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 2006
Total Employees : 500-1k
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
500081, 1st floor, Jaihind Colony, VIP Hills, Silicon Valley, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, India
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Nityo infotech platform ratings

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Nityo infotech customer reviews

I have joined in Nityo in July but still not received Salary. HRs are not good and w't give proper response. No Proper time for salary.55days i have worked without salary. Before joining please check reviews and take decision. D't spoil your life.
User name
Nivas Devarapalli
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Refrain yourselves from these fraudsters!! I have been a victim of this fraud company. Please read my complete review to know the truth. I live in Hyderabad city and I was offered a job by these guys in their client company Wipro, on their (Nityo) payroll, on contract basis for six (6) months. I was "assured" that my contract would last for six (6) months atleast, but mostly I will become a permanent employee with Wipro after six (6) months of contract period, based on my work performance. Me, along with 5 others, were "terminated" within six (6) months of service, despite delivering excellent performance. We were told by Nityo that our service would end in next forteen (14) days from the day they called us. They neither gave us atleast one (1) month of notice period, nor they paid us any amount in compensation (which talks about their standards). All Nityo had to say is, its Wipro's decision. When we asked our Wipro "team lead" and "project manager", all they had to say is, its Wipro's top management decision and they will not be able to help us in any manner. Let me introduce a few names here from Nityo who might call you guys for such job opportunities. 1. Sapna Khirwadkar (HR) 2. Dolly (HR) 3. Meenakshi (Recruiter) 4. Tejashwini (Recruiter) Take care guys!!
User name
Prabhu Das
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now nityainfotech is better to join for new joiners they are giving good work environment really thanks to nityo
User name
Sai Dattatreya
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Worst payroll company i have ever seen , Taking money from client and not paying properly to the employee and Hr availabilities are waste. Please if anyone get offer don't join with this company.
User name
Narasimha Reddy
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You won't get salary on time.
User name
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Such scammers!!!! Unprofessional people working here. I was under the impression that I submitted my profile with one of the recruiters and apparently it...
user name
Nuha S.
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This is not a recruiting agency, it is a front for SCAMMERS, Please be aware and report if they have contacted you. Company violates Cam-Spam Act of 2002,...
user name
Shane G.
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the person calling was rude an obnoxious. They look for your data and dot care about getting you a job. If you ever deal with them I would suggest you do...
user name
John S.
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