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Powell's Books

Powell's Books is the nation's top independent bookseller.
Last data sync 24 Feb 2024
Year Founded : 1971
Total Employees : 200-500
Monthly Visitors : 1m-10m
1005 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209, USA
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Powell's books platform ratings

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Powell's books customer reviews

Better than imagined. Independent store that sells new and used books side by side. Sales people were very helpful. This place is huge. Be prepared to browse for quite a while. There is a cafe if you need a sustenance break or are with someone who has a lot of genres to browse. I loved that you could get new books and fill in gaps in your series or find past books from authors. The prices were also great. It can be quite crowded at times which makes me feel like the world can be a good place.
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Elizabeth A. Howard
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I was blown away by this bookstore. I didnt know about before hand and I thought it was just a small store. My goodness, a whole block and 3 stories of books in the digital era. I mean they must have every book in there. Found some pretty cool books for my baby. Staff was great. Great place. Very cool place to visit when in Portland.
User name
Julio Waa
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Powell's City of Books in Portland, OR, is aptly named as it covers one whole city block in the Pearl District. I mean, it has Murkowski info booths inside where you can pickup up a folding map of the store! It is the largest used and new bookstore in the world and houses approximately one million books. My young kids were whining when i first said that we were going to a store for a while. Three hours later, we were dragging them out. They loved sitting in the children's section looking through all of the series books that they are getting into. It was neat spending time in the Rare Book Room. On sight, the most valuable item is a journal from Lewis & Clark. Grab a coffee and sit to read in their Guilder Cafe. After spending a few hours browsing in awe, head across the street to lunch at the Screen Door.
User name
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This is a massive bookstore that is a tad overwhelming. Definitely a touristy spot, so a lot of people wandering and just looking. Lots of neat souvenir type items. Most of the staff I encountered was friendly and helpful, a few you could tell were just over it. This place is NOT on the quiet side like most bookstores, but I mean...books.
User name
Alexandra Browning
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A natural favorite for my family. We are the type of people who look at all the titles within our favorite sections so we spend hours at this store whenever we're in Portland. Great thing we learned recently is that whole foods validates 90 minutes for the underground parking lot so that makes it even more worth it. We tried validating at Anthropologie but it didn't work for some reason, so highly recommend WF.
User name
Jessie Lucas
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there was books here. a lot of lot books, i could not comprehend. im sad i didn't see the book "SHREK!" here but its okay. also when i went there was an...
user name
Zander C.
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What's not to love?!?! It's the hugest bookstore I've ever seen with multiple levels and rooms. Luckily, each room has an information station with a live...
User name
Karmen D.
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This book store is huge. There's a bunch of rooms in the store and I maybe only browsed through 3 of them. Definitely could've spent hours here. Everything...
User name
Melissa M.
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