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All-in-one hotel solution made for independent hotels and B&Bs.
Last data sync 29 Jan 2024
Year Founded : 2017
Total Employees : 1-10
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
7 Somerset Ave, Winthrop, MA 02152, USA
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Roomraccoon platform ratings

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Roomraccoon customer reviews

We entered and pre- paid a one year contract with RoomRaccoon. One of the main reasons we chose this PMS was because we were promised we would be able to integrate Stripe payments. Soon into our contract, they finally told us it would be impossible to connect (Stripe connectivity restrictions between the Netherlands, where their bank is located, and Mexico, where the hotel is located), but they assured us they would find a solution soon. Months passed and they never gave us a solution- one of their senior leaders- was kind enough to advice us to open a bank account in the United States (of course that wasn´t feasible). On top of that, they also assured us that they had the structure to provide good customer support in latinamerica. Their support was non existent and often we would have tickets go unanswered for months or they would simply close tickets without giving us any solutions. Finally, I had numerous meetings with one of their sales directors where he would make countless promises that, of course, they never fulfilled. As you may know, migrating to a new PMS is expensive both in time and money. I can say that the hotel I represent completely lost its time and money with RoomRaccoon. Stay away from this PMS.
User name
Michel Kuri
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We entered into a contract with Room Raccoon under the main agreement that we could integrate Stripe as our payment gateway. However, during the final stages before going live, we were suddenly informed that integrating Stripe was impossible, and we were left with no choice but to use their payment gateway, incurring unexpected costs of approximately 10,000EUR based on revenue. Despite expressing our dissatisfaction and the fact that this change contradicted the terms we initially agreed upon, we were met with unresponsiveness, and unprofessionalism, and no solutions. Attempts to seek a resolution or a refund were unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of 3,000EUR and months of work. After posting a negative review, we received a public response from RoomRaccoon, expressing understanding and extending an invitation to discuss the matter for a potential solution: "Please contact our customer support team to discuss your situation further. We would be happy to continue to be in contact with you and seek a resolution." Encouraged by this, I promptly reached out to them for assistance, hopeful that it was a sincere commitment. FAIL AGAIN! it's been over two weeks, and I'm still waiting for a response to my email. Our experience with RoomRacoon has been extremely disappointing, and we caution others to approach this company with caution.
User name
Taras Lodge
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We’re in the process of switching our Boutique hotel operations to Room Raccoon from Cloudbeds. So far it’s been a great experience with Chaz and Sean, looking forward to completing the transition and utilizing the features that Room Raccoon has which suit our needs better!
User name
Jess Jones
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RoomRaccoon has a great tool called RaccoonRev. This is so helpful for us because we want to drive new business into our hotel, but still make a profit. It is user friendly and we trained our employees so quickly because of it's ease of use. Our account representative, Nicholas Ivancic, is helpful and always available to answer our questions no matter how small. If he didn't have an immediate answer, Nicholas would make sure we got the information quickly.
User name
James Lenfesty
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Great service from you guys, much appreciate.
User name
Marjaan Luxury Apartments
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