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Round1 is a multi entertainment activity complex company holding 6 stores in California, 1 in Washington, 1 in Colorado, 2 in Texas, 1 in Michigan, 2 in New York, 1 in Pennsylvania, 1 in Georgia, 1 in Massachusetts, and 3 in Illinois (as of December, 2017).
Last data sync 24 May 2024
Year Founded : 2009
Total Employees : 10-50
Monthly Visitors : 100k-500k
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Round1 customer reviews

My favorite thing about this place is the variety of games they have. It's great to have so many options to choose from. However, I was a bit disappointed...
User name
L E.
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I had heard about Round1, as I have a friend who is a master in getting all of the kawaii plushies, each and every single time he plays - so ridiculous! I...
User name
Hannah H.
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The guy who was stationed to monitor the bowling lanes was amazing and deserves 5 stars, which brings this up from zero. He is the only saving grace of this...
User name
Katie Q.
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I had my granddaughters 18th birthday party there. The service is absolutely horrible. No one checked on us at all to see if we needed any refills. The staff was to busy socializing among themselves to acknowledge they actually had customers. With all the complaints I don't understand how this place is open. I paid over 500.00 and thought we would get what they told us we were getting. No all u can eat, cause they don't check to see if u need anything, game card only for crappy games not a 20.00 game card like i was told, can't win tickets for prizes cause the games u can play doesn't have tickets. I even paid more for real game cards so the kids could have fun. Guest left early cause their kids wanted to play games that didn't take our provided game card. Adults could redeem the alcohol tickets cause no one would wait on them. Instead walked by 3 times ignoring them. Place is a joke for parties. Save your money.
User name
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Fun until the general manager decided to blatantly rip us off. I took my 12 year old son to Round1 in Mentor, OH on 10/8/2022. One of the last games he played was Skee Ball. He scored 46,000 points after getting his last 3 balls in one of the 10,000 point holes. When we went to redeem the tickets for prizes, we were told there were only 895 tickets on his card. When I questioned this, I was told that the Skee Ball machine actually says "1,000 points", which is converted into fewer tickets. This sounded fishy, because we had spent $33 on various games and I was sure that we won at least 800 tickets just on the other games. But I let this go until my son reminded me of the video on my phone that I took of him "winning" his last Skee Ball game. I looked at the video, and sure enough it clearly shows everything, including my son rolling the last ball into the 10,000 point hole and the machine showing "1,000 tickets" and 46,000 points and as he's jumping up and down in excitement. I tried to explain this to the young man working the prize counter, but he wouldn't give in. Then I tried explaining it to a young woman who he brought over to look at the gameplay on the computer behind the prize desk. She also wouldn't budge. Finally, the general manager came by. He watched the video on my phone. He asked when this happened and I told him it was about 10 or 15 minutes prior. He asked for proof with a timestamp on the video, which I showed him. Even after all of this, he still refused to give my kid the 1,000 tickets that was rightfully won. I told the GM that this is a matter of principle - we have proof that my son won 1,000 tickets or that his business has false advertising, the tickets would cost Round1 maybe a couple dollars worth of prizes, and he should do the right thing. He still refused, and when I said that I would file a complaint with the BBB he said to go ahead. Unbelievable! Please find another arcade to spend your money at... one where the employees and (especially) top management have integrity.
User name
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Love this place. Yes, some of the games are broken but you expect that in any arcade (especially one that has a lot of niche foreign games). I've never tried the bowling but everytime I'm here there seem to be a lot of people enjoying it. There really isn't anything else like this in the area and I'd much rather come here than spend double to go to Dave and busters an hour away. I do wish that the bar stayed open the whole time as we usually just come here for games and drinks
User name
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Several games out of service. I would say over half not working. Points needed to play each games has increased. Prizes are cheap garbage. Don't waste your money as this establishment is going downhill fast.
User name
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The Sunday eve manager/supervisor in need of additional customer service training. Very rude and unprofessional. A small misunderstanding turned into a big offense. Do not approach staff. Get names and report later. Going to them looking to resolve make matters worse. You end up having to finish off the night just upset. I will never go there again.
User name
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