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The Grand Hotel & Suites Toronto

Intimate, luxurious and warmly residential, The Grand Hotel & Suites located in downtown Toronto features 177 extraordinary guest suites.
Last data sync 06 Feb 2024
Total Employees : 10-50
Monthly Visitors : under-10k
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The grand hotel & suites toronto platform ratings

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The grand hotel & suites toronto customer reviews

The Pizza is something to be reckoned with. I ordered room service, looking for something appetizing, yet not overwhelming. The margherita pizza was the...
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Eric G.
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A hotel in a great location - very walkable to downtown Toronto and a lot of cool shops and restaurants nearby. The staff was very friendly and the lobby...
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Amber J.
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This hotel is great! I have never been to Canada before and I don't have the slightest idea which areas are good or not. It is also hard to gauge if a hotel...
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Tairyn A.
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This is no longer a motel. It is a housing complex owned by Fred Victor Housing. You will be met by security and asked to leave the property.If you do not leave the parking lot immediately, police will be called to escort you off the property. There is no parking aloud at all for visitors who come to call on residents either. All visitors must check in and out at the office. No smoking is allowed near the building and the parking lot is very tiny and difficult to turn around in. If you are going to visit someone, you are better off meeting them somewhere else - like the restaurant in the mall next door or the library a few blocks away .
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I booked a reservation a week before my check-in on Nov 09/19. There was an issue with my reservation and my CC so I had to call the hotel to rectify the situation (morning of Nov 09 2019). I spoke to a female staff and she wasn't being helpful to my request, leading to my reservation getting cancelled (not my choice.) The female staff hanged up the phone on me while I was addressing my issue to her.
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very affordable clean and friendly staff the grounds have lots of flowers and green foliage and has a very clean outside pool ask for a new room as they are updating their rooms room has mini fridge and microwave clean towels everyday
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Come to Toronto with my Mother for a medical appointment. Decided not to risk driving through crappy weather and traffic so we decided to come a day early and stay in the city. Had some problems with getting a room at a few other hotels. Found this place online and it showed favorable reviews. Check-in was pleasant and the ladies were very nice. We got two rooms on the main level only one room apart. Room was clean and warm upon arrival. The furniture is a little old but the bed was comfortable. I had very minor issues with my room. The hinge to the toilet seat was cracked. The shower curtain road was a little rust at the ends. One night was not working. None of these things affected my stay but to have them in good working order would have elevated my experience. Only thing that was missing was a Kleenex box. Excellent stay all around.
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This place was awful. I was laying on the bed talking with my friend on the phone when a bug crawled onto me, I immediately jumped up and look on the bed to take a closer look, and there was a bed bug. I immediately went to the front desk to report it to the manager & she told me that it was completely “ impossible “ . I explained to her that I had collected the bug in a cup as evidence & she continued to say it was not a possibility what-so-ever & refused to come to the room and see the bug. After I had given up in speaking with her, I returned to my room to pack up all my belongings and she entered about 5 minutes after, when I tried to show her the bug she told me that I was a liar & I made up the whole story. She told me if I wanted to talk to someone I should phone the police.. the police would not be able to do anything about this situation. She refused to give me any sort of refund after I was only there for shy of 3 hours and the room was in next to perfect condition other then sheets moved on one bed. I was completely mortified and went outside to wait for my Uber: while waiting for my Uber she came up to me and told me that she had called the police on ME! For what? I was never rude to her, I was completely calm and polite even after being called a liar and being denied any sort of refund. This is absolutely the WORST place I have ever stayed at. The manager is completely rude & unprofessional when it comes to complaints. This is NO way to run a business. I am mortified by the way I was treated.
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