How to automate review reply

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how to automate review reply

Video tutorial guide:

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Automate Review Replies in Rannkly

Automating AI-Based Responses:

Step 1: Log In and Access Automate Responses

- Start by logging into your Rannkly account.

- Once you're logged in, navigate to the left menu and click on "Automate Responses."

Step 2: Create a New AI-Based Response

- On the top-right corner, click the "New Automate Response" button.

- A popup window will appear. In this window, select the first option, "AI-Based."

Step 3:  Fill in the AI-Based Response Details

- Complete the form as follows:

  - Select the sentiment of the review. This filter helps the AI generate appropriate responses based on the review sentiment.

  - Choose the location from the dropdown where you want to apply this automation.

  - Select the platform on which you want the AI to reply when a review is received.

  - Enter your support email and phone number. This information helps the AI reply with your support contact details in case of negative reviews.

  - Enter your business name. This helps the AI correct any spelling mistakes in the review replies.

  - Add your desired signature in the input box.

  - If you want the AI to reply after team approval, toggle on this option.

Step 4:  Create the AI-Based Automate Response

- Click on "Create Automate Response."

- Your AI-based response is now set up. The AI will automatically reply to reviews based on the criteria you specified.

Setting Template-Based Responses:

Step 5:Create Template-Based Responses

- To set up templated responses for reviews with no content, select "Templates Based."

- Fill out the form as follows:

  - Choose the star rating for which you want to send the template as a reply.

  - Select the location.

  - Choose the platform.

  - In the final step, select the template from the list of available templates.

Step 6:  Create the Template-Based Automate Response  - Click on "Create Automate Response."


- You've now learned how to set up both AI-based and template-based automated review responses in Rannkly.

By following these steps, you can streamline your review management process and ensure consistent and timely responses to customer reviews on various platforms. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.


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