How to create review ticket

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how to create review ticket

Video tutorial guide:

Certainly, here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a review ticket in Rannkly:

Step 1:   Access My Reviews

1. Start by logging in to your Rannkly account.

2. On the left-hand menu, click on "My Reviews."

Step 2: Create a Ticket

3. In the review list, you'll find a button labeled "Create Ticket." Click on this button.

Step 3:  Confirm Ticket Creation

4. A popup window will appear to confirm your action. Click "Yes" to create the ticket.

Step 4: Access Ticketing Section

5. Your ticket is now successfully created. To manage it, go to the "Ticketing" section located in the top menu.

Step 5:  View Your Ticket

6. In the "Ticketing" section, click on "My Tickets." You will find your newly created ticket listed here.

Step 6:  Edit Ticket Details

7. Click on your ticket to open its details.

Step 7:   Assign a Team Member

8. To assign a team member to this ticket, click on "Assign Team Member."

9. Click the "Add" button to choose a team member. The selected team member will receive a notification if their notification settings are enabled.

Step 8:  Set Ticket Status

10. To assign a status to the ticket, choose an option from the dropdown menu.

Step 9:  Confirm Status Change

11. If you choose "In Progress" or another status change, a confirmation popup will appear. Click "Yes" to confirm.

Step 10:  Assign Priority

12. Assign a priority to the ticket by clicking on the "Priority" option and selecting the appropriate priority level from the dropdown menu. For example, you can assign it a medium priority.

Step 11:  Set Due Date and Time

13. To specify a due date and time for the ticket, choose the date and time from the calendar.

Step 12:  Confirm Ticket Settings

14. Once you've made all the necessary changes, click on the confirmation button to save the updated ticket settings.

Congratulations! Your review ticket in Rannkly is now created and configured as per your preferences.

You've successfully created a review ticket in Rannkly and customized its details to suit your needs.

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