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How to create WhatsApp template

Last updated on January 02 2024~2 min read
Shobhit Singh

how to create whatsapp template

Video tutorial guide:

How to Create a WhatsApp Template in Rannkly

Step 1:  Login and Setup

- First, make sure you are logged into your Rannkly account.

- Ensure your WhatsApp Business account is set up. If it's not set up, please contact the customer support team at for assistance.

Step 2: Access the Campaign Section

- In the Rannkly dashboard, locate the top menu and click on "Campaigns."

Step 3:  Navigate to Message Templates

- Within the Campaigns section, find and click on "Message Templates."

Step 4:  Create WhatsApp Template

- On the right side of the screen, you'll find the option to "Create WhatsApp Template." Click on it to start the template creation process.

Step 5:  Select Business Account

- You will be redirected to a new window. Here, choose the business account for which you want to create the message template.

Step 6:  Choose Message Template Category

- Select a category for your message template:

  - "Marketing" is used for sending promotional messages.

  - "Utility" is used for purposes like customer feedback, sending bill invoices, etc.

Step 7:  Name Your Message Template  - Provide a name for your message template.

Step 8:  Choose Languages - Select the languages in which you want to create your message template. You can add or delete languages later if needed.

Step 9:  Header Section - In this section, add a title or choose the type of media you'll use for the template header.

  - For example, you can select a media file to create a Diwali-themed message template.

Step 10:  Body Content - Write the main content or message that you want to send to your customers in the template's body.

Step 11:  Footer - Add a short line of text to the bottom of your message template.

Step 12:  Add Buttons - Create buttons that allow customers to respond to your message or take specific actions.

  - For example, you can add buttons for "Call" and "Visit Website."

Step 13:  Template Submission

- Congratulations! Your template is now created. It will be submitted to meta for verification. You can see the current status as "Pending."

- Once meta verifies your template, you'll be able to send it to your customers. Typically, it takes 6 to 24 hours for a template to be approved from the meta side.

- Thank you for following these steps to create your WhatsApp template in Rannkly. You are now ready to engage with your customers effectively.

That's it! You've successfully created a WhatsApp template in Rannkly. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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