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How to import customers in Rannkly

Last updated on January 02 2024~1 min read

how to import customers in rannkly

Video tutorial guide:

Step-by-Step Guide to Importing Customers in Rannkly

Step 1:  Accessing Customer Contacts - Begin by logging into your Rannkly account.

Step 2:  Navigating to Customer Contacts - Once logged in, navigate to the campaign section on the Rannkly dashboard.

Step 3:  Accessing the Import Option - Within the Campaign section, locate and click on "Customer Contacts."

Step 4:  Adding Customer Contacts - In the upper-right corner, you will see an option labeled "ADD CUSTOMER CONTACTS." Click on this to initiate the import process.

Step 5:  Selecting Business Location - A popup window will appear. Here, you need to select the location of the business for which you want to import customer contacts. Click on the appropriate location.

Step 6:  Preparing CSV File - Now, you need to prepare a CSV file with the customer contact information. To do this, download the provided sample CSV file from Rannkly.

Step 7:  Adding Customer Data - Open the downloaded sample CSV file and add your customer data to it. Ensure that the data is correctly formatted as per the sample.

Step 8: Adding Labels - After adding the customer data, it's time to add labels or tags to categorize your contacts. This step is optional but can help you organize and manage your contacts more efficiently.

Step 9:  Importing from CSV - Once your CSV file is ready and labeled, return to the Rannkly window and click on the "import from csv" button.

Step 10:  Selecting CSV File - A file dialog will appear. Select the CSV file that you prepared and wish to import from your computer.

Step 11: Importing Contacts - After selecting the file, click on the "add contact" button to start the import process.

Congratulations! Your customer data is now successfully imported into Rannkly. You can now access and manage these contacts within the Customer Contacts section of your Rannkly account.

That's it! You've successfully imported your customer contacts into Rannkly. You can now use this data for your marketing campaigns and other business activities.

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